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Organic Wet Food

Organic wet food

Organic cat food pouches for connoisseur cat

Our fully organic connoisseur recipes have the highest level of meat in any pet food in the world.

This means you feed less!

They are fully balanced & complete foods for cats of all ages

All of the meats and fish come from certified organic farms where the animals are humanely raised and slaughtered and from sustainable sources too

We also add ingredients such as wheatgrass, millet, quinoa, noodles plus fruits and vegetables which are all from certified organic farms and fully certified by the UK farmers and growers association and provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals, fibre for regular digestion and to ensure it all sticks together and then it is gently steamed in the pouch.

Of course it’s thrive, so there are NO fillers, flavouring, or preservatives are used.

Thrive’s Organic range is easy to digest and perfect for cats with health issues such as diabetes & renal issues and more…

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Christmas Deliveries

We wouldn't want any four-legged friends to be left without their Thrive over the holiday period, so we thought we’d inform you of our delivery dates.

All orders placed before 2pm on the 24th will be dispatched that day but will only be delivered on the 29th.
All orders placed between the 24th and 2pm on the 31st will be delivered by Friday 2nd Jan.

Holiday Greetings from all of us at Thrive!

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