We are sometimes asked about the appearance of Thrive wet foods. Some people wonder why there is a variance in our wet foods, in not just colour, but also how watery they may look.

After creating food for humans for many years, over twenty years ago, we set out on a mission to produce the healthiest pet foods using only the very best quality, REAL ingredients. Every pet food brand says this, but they still add things to the food so it looks lovely to pet owners; we do not. Our approach has always been to avoid unnecessary additives, colours and thickeners in our products.  Cats don’t care what it looks like, just what it tastes like, and we only care how good it is for your pet!


We believe that kittens and cats deserve the very best nutrition without any added nonsense. After all, why would you add nonsense to pet food when you want to create the best nutrition for them that they can really enjoy, without the nonsense!?

Unlike other pet food brands that use thickeners and colourings to ensure a consistent appearance, we have chosen not to include these additives in our Thrive foods. We believe that kittens and cats don't care about the appearance of their food, and these additives do not benefit them in any way. As a result, each batch of Thrive food may have a natural variance in appearance, just as real foods do.

We understand that some cat owners expect pet foods to look identical every time, however, we believe that only over-processed foods are truly identical in appearance every time you have them. Real foods, including our Thrive products, may naturally vary in appearance.

Our commitment is and always will be; to provide 100% Thrive products with 0% nonsense.