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Welcome to Thrive Pet Foods

Our story is simple; we used to make food for people. One day we were looking at pet foods for our own dogs and cats. Even with 30 years’ experience in the food business we couldn’t decipher what the ingredients were. So we decided to try and do things differently.

For the past 10 years we have been using our experience to make the very best in pet foods and treats.  

This experience led us to developing freeze dried treats; pieces of real food which cats and dogs respond to like nothing else and which has built Thrive a devoted fan base of cat owners and dog trainers.

So many pet owners tell us that the most aloof cats have gone all gooey over our cat treats or that ProReward is the only thing that will convince their dogs to come back when off the lead.  

As we already create the best treats, it’s only natural that we extend our principles into creating the best foods as well.
You can now find us all across Europe and America and in the Far East too.

Christmas Deliveries

We wouldn't want any four-legged friends to be left without their Thrive over the holiday period, so we thought we’d inform you of our delivery dates.

All orders placed before 2pm on the 24th will be dispatched that day but will only be delivered on the 29th.
All orders placed between the 24th and 2pm on the 31st will be delivered by Friday 2nd Jan.

Holiday Greetings from all of us at Thrive!

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