We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices throughout everything we do and have the certification from the Ethical Accreditation Organisation. We care about how we behave, from sourcing our ingredients to minimising our environmental footprint, we strive to make a positive impact.

Pure Natural Ingredients

0% Nonsense

All our products are made with REAL meat or fish, no substitutes (this means absolutely no meat or fish derivatives) and we use the very best parts too, so the breast of chicken and the fillets of fish, rather than cheaper off-cuts or other dodgy parts. Our foods and treats are clearly labelled, which means 0% Nonsense, so you can be confident that you know exactly what you are feeding your pet. We own the trademark 0% Nonsense, as we add nothing for marketing purposes, just the best ingredients gently made.

We may sound very direct and to the point - it is because we are serious about your pet’s food so you won’t find us talking about your fluffy friends or fur babies. Food is a serious matter and at Thrive we are all about 0% nonsense. That means no nonsense in our marketing and no nonsense in our food.

100% to the point, 0% nonsense.


We use large container ships to transport goods across the world. These ships have the lowest carbon footprint of all transport options. We encourage our local transport partners to use electric vehicles to deliver to our customers. We use recycled and recyclable materials where we can. We use cardboard instead of metalized film where we can. Metal cans are the most effective in recyclable materials. We are not perfect but as the saying goes “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” and we do try to be the absolute best we can be. We are not perfect but as the saying goes “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” and we do try to be the best we can be.

Animal Welfare

At Thrive, we believe in treating all creatures with kindness and respect, so we are fully committed to using ethically sourced ingredients in all our pet food products. We work closely with suppliers who share our values, ensuring that animals are raised humanely and their welfare is never compromised. We proudly stand against animal testing and believe effective and reliable methods exist to ensure the safety of our products without harming animals.


Thrive acknowledges the importance of minimising our environmental impact. We use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging whenever possible. We are continuously exploring innovative packaging solutions to further reduce our overall environmental footprint.


When it comes to transportation, we strive to find the most sustainable options. Long distance deliveries necessitate container ships, which is the most environmentally friendly way to transport goods. For local and regional deliveries, we use electric delivery vehicles where possible.

Planting Trees

Thrive takes a proactive approach to sustainability. Each year we plant some trees in the Eden Valley in Cumbria to offset, even in a very small way, to offset our carbon footprint. By actively planting trees, we're helping to create new ecosystems that provide homes for a plethora of wildlife and contribute to cleaner air and water. It's a small but important step towards a healthier planet.

Pet Food with a Conscience

We do not believe in testing our products on any animals. Cheap ingredients such as hydrogenated vegetable proteins must be tested in laboratories, real foods such as 100% real chicken do not.

All new Thrive products are tested and tasted by the human owners of Thrive first, and only then do we offer them to you. We can see no value in testing pet food products on animals that are not kept in a loving environment purely and simply as pets.