In 2000, we were looking at what went into pet foods that we bought for our own dogs and cats and even with 30 years of experience in the food business we just couldn’t decipher what the ingredients were. We decided to look into how they made these pet foods and to say we were surprised was an understatement. Pet foods that said ‘meaty’ or ‘fishy’ had very little or no meat nor fish, but rather were made of vegetable proteins which were flavoured to taste like meat or fish.

Doing things differently

Most pet food brands use the cheapest ingredients. To make these cheap and nasty ingredients look like REAL foods they are highly processed using high temperatures and high pressures which all fundamentally denature foods. They have very little nutritional value, so they add sugars, salts and fats to make them tasty to pets, just like McNuggets are to children. So, we saw an opportunity to help pets and to fundamentally do things differently.

0% Nonsense

We use REAL foods such as 100% chicken breast and 100% tuna fillets and gentle processes such as freeze-drying to make our foods and treats. It transpires that caring pet owners can see the difference in how their cats and dogs respond to Thrive and how Thrive benefits their health. Thrive has built a large and devoted fan base of cat and dog owners. As the good news has spread you can now find Thrive in veterinary surgeries, supermarkets, pet superstores, on the internet and in all great pet shops in more than 20 countries around the world.


At Thrive, we believe in nourishing pets as well as treating our planet with care. That's why we are committed to sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We source our ingredients responsibly, working with ethical and environmentally friendly partners. We use recyclable packaging whenever possible, and constantly work to reduce our overall environmental footprint. By making conscious choices today, we can ensure a healthy and thriving tomorrow.

Animal Welfare

At Thrive, we believe in treating all creatures with kindness and respect, so we are fully committed to using ethically sourced ingredients in all our pet food products. We work closely with suppliers who share our values, ensuring that animals are raised humanely and their welfare is never compromised. We proudly stand against animal testing and believe effective and reliable methods exist to ensure the safety of our products without harming animals.


Thrive acknowledges the importance of minimising our environmental impact. We use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging whenever possible. We are continuously exploring innovative packaging solutions to further reduce our overall environmental footprint.


When it comes to transportation, we strive to find the most sustainable options. Long distance deliveries necessitate container ships, which is the most environmentally friendly way to transport goods. For local and regional deliveries, we use electric delivery vehicles where possible.

Planting Trees

Thrive takes a proactive approach to sustainability. Each year we plant some trees in the Eden Valley in Cumbria to offset, even in a very small way, to offset our carbon footprint. By actively planting trees, we're helping to create new ecosystems that provide homes for a plethora of wildlife and contribute to cleaner air and water. It's a small but important step towards a healthier planet.

Expert Pet Nutrition

Where Our Food Is Made

Our highest priority is animal welfare, which, when done properly, naturally produces the finest quality ingredient which we do throughout the entire production process; from the farm to the finished product. We carefully select ingredients from around the world, choosing the best sources for each type of food.  Our dry foods and some of our freeze dried treats are made in the UK using advanced technology with fresh meats to ensure maximum nutrition.  Our wet cat food is made in Thailand, where they make the best known brands of human quality cans of tuna. This production site ensures exceptional hygiene and quality control. The tuna used in our products is caught locally using pole-and-line methods and is not indiscriminately trawled. All of the chicken meets the highest welfare standards. Our state-of-the-art technologically advanced facilities have the highest quality standards. It is based in China so that we can efficiently supply to our Far Eastern partners. Some of our ProReward treats, which are made in China, within the highest quality facilities, prioritise ingredient quality and exclude all harmful additives.