Having made the highest in quality human foods for over 20 years, we understood what great food should be. So, when we saw what was being put into dog foods - we were shocked! Most dog foods contained such words as 4% meat and animal derivatives. Dogs thrive on great quality meat, vegetables, fruits, minerals, and vitamins. We offer four single-protein varieties: Chicken, Lamb, Venison, and Salmon. Our foods are free from artificial additives, common allergens, and unnecessary ingredients. Our philosophy is simple: our foods are 100% meat, vegetables, and fruits, with 0% nonsense.

What a fantastic product

Had a sick dog with an extremely sensitive tummy. My vet recommended Thrive Kind and Gentle dog recovery food. She loved it and it only took two days to recover.

Best ever!

Thrive pet treats have to be the best ever! Training my dog with these treats has been so easy. Everyone says I have the best behaved dog and I always show them my treats.

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