We noticed that when dogs have an upset tummy their vet often prescribes feeding simply chicken and rice for up to 3 days to see if that helps. For a dog owner making this food is rather onerous and so we have taken our irresistible 100% freeze dried chicken which is milled into powder and added lots of instant Italian rice plus some algae and vitamins and minerals so it is a complete food. We always recommend that if your dog has an upset tummy that you must visit your vet and ask them if it is ok to feed Thrive Kind & Gentle. If so then you simply pour some in a bowl, add enough boiling hot water to cover the dry mix and let it cool down.

What a fantastic product

Had a sick dog with an extremely sensitive tummy. My vet recommended Thrive Kind and Gentle dog recovery food. She loved it and it only took two days to recover.

Best ever!

Thrive pet treats have to be the best ever! Training my dog with these treats has been so easy. Everyone says I have the best behaved dog and I always show them my treats.

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