Allergic reactions are often triggered by allergens such as gluten and specific proteins. Thrive food is free from wheat, dairy, soy, and GM ingredients and we only use a single type of protein in each. This transparency allows you to easily identify any ingredients that your cat may be allergic to; we don't hide our ingredients under vague terms like "meat" or "animal derivatives and because of this, Thrive foods are a popular choice for vets to use in exclusion diets when trying to determine what a cat is allergic to.

So pleased

My cat has IBD and can't tolerate most foods. I tried my cat on Thrive, both wet and dry. He loves both and tolerates them really well. I believe the high meat content is why he can enjoy the food without it upsetting his stomach.


This company went above and beyond anything what I was expecting. The food is perfect for my cats, they have shiny fur, bright eyes, healthy teeth and good poop. Also, the food is all natural but good for cats and they love every mouthful.

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