Our Values

Testing on Animals

We do not believe in testing our products on caged animals. All new Thrive products are tested and tasted by the human owners of Thrive first, and only then do we offer them to our pets and our friends’ pets to see if they like them. We can see no value to testing pet food products on animals that are not kept in a loving environment purely and simply as pets.

Animal Welfare Responsibility

We care about every single ingredient that goes into Thrive products, that’s why we have such short ingredient lists! As such, we insist on the highest welfare standards in respect of the care of all livestock. Our products are either manufactured in compliance with current UK and EU animal welfare legislation, or where appropriate within the parameters of internationally recognised animal welfare organisations such as Friend of the Sea. Our fish products are derived from sustainable sources.

The Environment and the Community

As the pioneers of pet treats packed in tubes, we focus on the components of our packaging being as close to 100% recyclable as is currently practicable, and where possible they are derived from recycled raw materials. We regularly donate food and treats to local pet charities, in addition to supporting their fund-raising efforts by donating free products. At the same time we often make donations to organisations involved in the health of children, such as Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ethical Company Accreditation