Thrive food Topper isn’t just delicious, it's healthy too. Made from our 100% freeze dried chicken breast treats, this fine milled powder enhances even the most unpalatable prescription diets. It can be difficult to get your pet to accept that the Vet will not allow their favourite food so these Toppers just make feeding time a little less stressful. It can be added to both wet and dry foods either as a treat or to mask the flavour, obviously our wet foods don’t need it but your pet is never going to say no to an extra treat.

Pure Ingredients

My dog is old and unwell, with many food intolerances. I have been searching for good quality, nutritious treats. Thrive do two sorts that he can actually eat and he loves them. Pure ingredients and no added nasty ingredients.


This company went above and beyond anything what I was expecting. The food is perfect for my cats, they have shiny fur, bright eyes, healthy teeth and good poop. Also, the food is all natural but good for cats and they love every mouthful.

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