100% Chicken Breast Cat Treats 170g Tube

1 x 170g Tube
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0% Nonsense

No Artificial Additives

Human-grade Ingredients

100% Natural


Only the finest chicken breast fillet is used in Thrive's Chicken Breast cat treats. The chicken is cut into small cubes and freeze-dried to retain all the nutrients and enhance the natural delicious flavours. There is no added sugar in Thrive treats, ensuring that you are providing your cat with a healthier, more balanced diet, and are supporting their long-term health!

Whether you have a playful kitten, an adventurous cat, or a cherished senior feline companion, Thrive treats are the perfect healthy snack. They are ideal for indoor cats, outdoor explorers, and even small obligate carnivores such as ferrets, hedgehogs, and weasels. By choosing Thrive, you're supporting a cat and dog-loving, no-nonsense business with over 24 years of experience in creating exceptional, nutritious food and treats using only the highest quality ingredients.


Chicken Breast (100%)

Nutritional Info

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein (84.7%), Crude Oils and Fats (4.1%), Crude Ash (5.9%), Crude Fibres (0.2%), Moisture (5.1%)

Minerals per 100g: Calcium (0.332%), Phosphorus (0.82%), Sodium (4400 mg/kg), Potassium (1100 mg/kg)

Calories per 100g: 331

Feeding Guide

Feed as a treat, reward or snack at any time. Ensure clean drinking water is always available.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Quality going down

I buy it regularly and in some of the tins I found quite sharp and very dry pieces of chicken I hope company will start to check the quality more properly.

Best treats ever!

My cats and kittens love these treats more than any other treats! If I cannot find them, then all I need to do is the rattle the tin of treats and they all come running.

Brilliant way to give medication!

Both of my cats are on medication and it is impossible to get a tablet down them. I soak the chicken treats in warm water so that they become soft and then use them to mop up the powder or crushed tablet - cats eat them so fast they don't notice!

Karma's mummy
great treat for poorly kitties

My very old fluffbundle became really ill with a digestive disorder and wouldn't eat anything even with treatment on steroids.. she totally lost her appetite and was down to 2kg. The vet said he could do nothing else for her. I'd give n up.. then I gave her a treat and she started eating again! I love the medication tip above.. sometimes I sprinkle crushed treat on food if she's going through a picky stage. Really great quality. The prawn ones are even more addictive.

Perfect training treats for cats or dogs

Having both a cat and dog with food allergies, I often struggle to find treats they can have. Thrive chicken treats are absolutely perfect. Completely natural, just dried chicken. The cat goes mad for them, though luckily he can't get the lid off, and you know how fussy cats can be. And they are a perfect size for my dogs while training and being super smelly they are a very high value reward. Both dogs and the cat come running as soon as they hear the lid pop off, makes recall from the garden very easy!

Fantastic cat food!

Fantastic! The cat food is very high quality with no junk in it. The Thrive wets tins with some Thrive dry has been the main diet for my 7 cats for the last 10 years and they are doing great. I would highly recommend trying anything made by Thrive!

The quality is very good

One of my cats has a sensitive tummy. After trying lots of other brands he still was having trouble. After doing research I decided to give Thrive a go and it has been great. No more issues and he loves it. The quality is very good which is important to me as I only want the best for them.