Kind & Gentle Chicken and Rice Dog Food

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Thrive Kind and Gentle Chicken and Rice is a convenient 800g pack that makes the equivalent of 8 x 400g cans of dog food by simply adding water! This food is made from Italian rice and chicken breast, supplemented with dried algal oil, rich in marine algae and omega-3 fatty acids, along with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your dog to flourish. Whether your dog has a sensitive stomach or just has fussy preferences, this food is the perfect option for them to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.


Rice (80%), Freeze Dried Chicken (14%), Minerals, Yeast & Algal Oil

Nutritional Info

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein (18.3%), Crude Oils and Fats (0.6%), Crude Ash (1.4%), Crude Fibres (1.2%), Moisture (9.2%), Carbohydrates (69.3%)

Vitamins per 100g: Vitamin A (20000 IU/kg), Vitamin D3 (1500 IU/kg)

Minerals per 100g: Calcium (0.332%), Phosphorus (0.82%), Sodium (4400 mg/kg), Potassium (1100 mg/kg)

Trace Elements per 100g: Zinc (12mg), Iron (6mg), Manganese (1.4mg), Copper (0.6mg), Iodine (0.2mg), Taurine (0.5g)

Calories per 100g: 334

Feeding Guide

Please refer to packaging for feeding guide.


Customer Reviews

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Both of my dogs are fussy eaters, and they absolutely love this. Speaks for itself! Excellent :)

Anna Halford
Thank you Thrive!

We were so relieved to find a food that our dog would eat when he was poorly and wouldn't touch anything else. Thank you Thrive!!

Dogs won’t eat it

Sent wrong product first; correct product delivered to wrong address, third time lucky - it arrived - customer service was very good. Made product up for my two dogs; one puppy jack who loves chicken and rice and one Alaskan shepherd who is a fussy eater but fairly sensitive tummy.

Made up as per instruction's which was easy. Lots of plump rice, but not plump chicken pieces so it looks like mainly rice as the chicken prices are very tiny. Puppy ate a couple of mouthfuls and refused it after, plus did not go back to it or eat it again when offered. Large dog sniffed and walked away & would not eat it when later offered. A very expensive disappointment.

It does not smell of much either and there are no pictures of it before or after hydration or samples offered.

I bought this after trying the treat freeze dried chicken bits- which when rehydrated they both love , but the pack size is very small and I saw this and thought the pieces would be the same size (little squares 1cm square approx) with added vits & minerals so would be a better buy - but now I’m stuck with 7 cans worth of product.

A big thumbs up

My puppy was given Thrive liver treats at our vets! I have actually never seen such an immediate response of joy from her with any other treats. A big thumbs up from me, and a big paws up from her! 🐾❤️

Great quality

Ordering is quick and easy. The quality of the dog food and treats is great. I've never met a dog who doesn't like the freeze dried liver treats! Great for training and fussy dogs!