ProTaste Chicken Food Topper for Cats

1 x 170g Tube

0% Nonsense

No Artificial Additives

Human-grade Ingredients

100% Natural


Ideal for cats on prescription diets or those requiring medicated meals, Thrive ProTaste Chicken Food Topper provides a natural and wholesome enhancement to their food. Say goodbye to bland meals and hello to a burst of flavour that your pet will love!

While medicated diets can be essential for health, we know that they can lack the excitement of flavour, so cats often need a little extra encouragement to eat them. Our food topper is simply 100% freeze-dried chicken breast, finely milled into a powder, that your cat will adore on their meals. In addition to its tastiness, it is also hypoallergenic and high in protein for weight control and loss. Additionally, it's gluten-free and grain-free, without any added sugars, salts, fillers, or flavourings.


Chicken Breast (100%)

Nutritional Info

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein (84.7%), Crude Oils and Fats (4.1%), Crude Ash (5.9%), Crude Fibres (0.2%), Moisture (5.1%)

Minerals per 100g: Calcium (0.332%), Phosphorus (0.82%), Sodium (4400 mg/kg), Potassium (1100 mg/kg)

Calories per 100g: 331

Feeding Guide

Sprinkle on food.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brilliant product!

This product is genius, my cat is obsessed with the Thrive chicken treats and I would regularly be crushing one on top of his food, especially after he licked all the gravy off he needs extra incentive to finish his dish. This product is perfect, just the ready crushed-up chicken treat he loves, but easier for me and better value, thank you Thrive for thinking of it!

Winner, winner, chicken...

Our cats would literally eat anything with this sprinkled on top!

Great for Prescription diets and Diabetic cats

Thrive topper and several thrive products have been incredibly helpful with out newly diagnosed diabetic cat. The lack of carby additives and in the case of the topper it being pure chicken breast makes it perfect. The big tubs are great value as a little goes a long way.

Game changer

My cat stopped eating at about a year old! After a couple of vet checks that came back inconclusive I switched up his food a bit and started using this which was a game changer! I now have a constant supply!

Fantastic cat food!

Fantastic! The cat food is very high quality with no junk in it. The Thrive wets tins with some Thrive dry has been the main diet for my 7 cats for the last 10 years and they are doing great. I would highly recommend trying anything made by Thrive!

The quality is very good

One of my cats has a sensitive tummy. After trying lots of other brands he still was having trouble. After doing research I decided to give Thrive a go and it has been great. No more issues and he loves it. The quality is very good which is important to me as I only want the best for them.